Calvert Strength and Performance

Program Provisions

Calvert’s Strength and Performance (CSP) program, developed by Rick Sneade and our staff, provides an elite level of training.  This training is directed and operated by a true professional in the world of sport performance.  CSP encompasses all the same facets of athletic development found in many high level professional programs.   What our athletes should expect:

  • Professional level strength & performance programs
    • Directed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • A tested, proven, and well-structured program
  • Highest level of safety
  • Top notch performance facility with over 10,000 pounds of free weights, capable of training 80 plus athletes in a session
  • Year-long training programs developed around different sport seasons each ending with measured performance tests
    • Linear speed training
    • Dynamic/Agility speed training
    • Olympic and plyometric training
    • Team camaraderie / Team competition
    • Nutritional strategies and meal plans
    • Discounted food supplements

Program Expectations

After meticulously evaluating test results over a 3 ½ year period, data analysis shows, on average, any athlete that attends at least 80% of our work outs and follows the nutritional guidelines provided, can expect the following returns over the same duration of time:

  • Substantial Improvements to their Body Mass Index
  • Increase their Bench Press by at least 150 lb.
  • Increase their Power Clean by at least 140 lb.
  • Increase their Squat by at least 235 lb.
  • Increase their Standing Long Jump by at least 7 ½ in.
  • Decrease their Forty Yard Sprint by at least .2 of a second.

Expectations for our Athletes and their Families

All we ask for in return is a Serious Commitment to Uncommon Greatness and Total Dedication to the Band of Cavaliers.

Final Thoughts

The Calvert Strength and Performance Department prides itself on its ability to produce the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.   We also value the role we have in developing the character of our young athletes.  We are just as deliberate in our attempt to promote positive characteristics; that contribute to responsible, determined, courageous, selfless, and hard working, well rounded young people.  In the end, we find that our athletes enter the game of life not just physically prepared to compete, but mentally and spiritually.  They are sharp, tested and battle field ready!


Rick Sneade
Director of Strength and Performance




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