CSP Facility

Calvert Strength and Performance is dedicated to having only the best and necessary tools to reach Uncommon Greatness.  The CSP Facility features all of the following:

  • Over 10,000 pounds of raw weight
  • Eight Racks
  • Eight Benches
  • Sixteen Bar Bells
  • Forty-Two Sets of Dumb Bells with a Range of 5 through 120 pounds
  • Over Forty Sets of a Variety of Resistance Bands
  • Nine Slam Med Balls with a Range of 14 to 50 pounds
  • Eight 3X1 Jump Boxes
  • Eight 3X1 Step Up / Squat Boxes
  • Twenty-Four Rollars and Mobility Balls
  • Cones, Agility Ladders and Much More

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