Student Athlete Academic Support Team (S.A.A.S.T.)

The Student–Athlete Academic Support Team is made up of dedicated teachers in our school.  This is essential to the academic success of our young men.  This part of the program allows our kids to not just do homework after school, but also have the opportunity to work alongside a teacher and foster a special relationship with our faculty.  Our teachers are so busy with instruction that this extra time after school allows both the teachers and players a great opportunity to grow together.  However, the responsibility of doing well in school, still falls on the shoulders of our players.  This opportunity will help them understand the value of their education and how it relates to living in greatness on and off the field.

The seven teachers involved each have a diversified teaching background that cover all core subject areas, on all grade levels (Foreign Language, English, Social Studies, Math, Science).  Our football program has the opportunity to work in the classroom with our SAAST members, two days a week during the season for no less than 45 minutes.  During that time each young man is required to turn in their grade report, which the SAAST member then hands to the coaching staff for review.  The most important aspect of this program is that the players also have time to work on their assignments and visit any other SAAST teacher, in the school, for specific help in a certain subject area.

Calvert High School staff overwhelmingly care about the success of our student body, particularly our student athletes.  Calvert football is very fortunate to have a few teachers step up and go above and beyond their teaching time to contribute to the development of our players.  When our players combine this after school opportunity, with the flex time they have at lunch, and the encouragement from our coaching staff, they have the ability to achieve both academic and athletic success.

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