Program Staff

The Calvert football program prides itself on surrounding our family of football players with outstanding leaders and role models.  Each member of our staff may have unique responsibilities and gifts that they share, but they all have a common purpose: To Intentionally use the Game of Football to Significantly Impact and Change Lives.

Every part of our program is designed to transform each player to achieve his personal greatness.  Our Character Coaches has the specific task of tying in the values of football into the real world.  Their voices is special because it is delivered outside the general football setting.  These coaches use our character education curriculum “A Football Journey” to speak truth into each individual.  From time to time, you find these same coaches roaming the sidelines and practice fields encouraging the members of our program; therefore, providing immeasurable benefits and value.

Our Football Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, in both coaching and life.  Our many different experiences allow the coaches the opportunity to reach our players at all levels.  There isn’t much that our coaching staff hasn’t seen or endured in our own lives.  This is vital as we, the staff, try to develop a relationship with each player in our program.  The relationship building and development of trust allows our coaches to take our young people to new heights in life.  The program’s set up further allows us to build that enriched relationship because we have a two platoon coaching staff.  This allows our players to enjoy the same coaching staff over the duration of their four year career.  Our coaches are truly the cream of the crop because they are not just coaches of the game, but more importantly they are coaches of life.

The Student – Athlete Academic Support Team (SAAST) is made up of some truly dedicated teachers in our school.  This part of our program is essential to the academic success of our young men.  It allows our players to not just do homework after school, but also have the opportunity to work alongside a teacher and foster a special relationship with our faculty.  Our teachers are so busy with instruction that this extra time after school allows both the teachers and players a great opportunity to grow together.  However, the responsibility of doing well in school, still falls on the shoulders of our players. This important time with our SAAST will help them understand the value of their education and how it relates to living in greatness on and off the field.

At the end of the day, we cannot forget those who do so much behind the scenes.  The program’s support personnel is made up of a variety of caring folks that help with many tasks, allowing our program to thrive throughout the season and year.  These individuals include but are not limited to our parents, community and church members, volunteers, local businesses, financial and loyal supporters, our own personal families, and of course, our FANS!!  They share the same level of concern for our football family and without their continued support; the program would not be same.

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